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Hypnotherapy & You!

  • Are you are tired of your problem?
  • Do you want to find the key to achieving the freedom you need to feel the best you possibly can and enjoy a fulfilling happy life?
  • Would you love to overcome your negative self limiting behaviours and beliefs, quickly, effectively and in comfort?

Advanced Hypnotherapy offers a fast, safe and effective solution.

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What is Advanced Hypnotherapy & How Can It Help Me?

Hypnotherapy can help you right now.

How do you want to change? How would being free of chronic anxiety, excess weight,  your need to smoke, your phobia of spiders or your fear of flying change your life?

Discover your true potential, achieve whatever it is you want to achieve; the golf handicap you know you are capable of reaching, passing your driving test, learning to swim and be at ease in the water….. the possibilities are endless!

Hypnotherapy can help

Not all hypnotherapy is the same. Sarah uses advanced techniques including  accessing the subconscious mind, that make a real difference.

Not only is this type of dynamic hypnotherapy wonderfully effective and enjoyable but it makes a rapid improvement in how you feel from the very first session.

Vision of Inner Thoughts

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome:

· Addictions
· Agoraphobia
· Alcoholism
· Allergies
· Amnesia
· Anorexia
· Anxiety
· Arthritis
· Asthma
· Bed wetting
· Binge eating
· Claustrophobia
· Compulsions
· Depression
· Driving test nerves
· Emotional eating
· Examination nerves
· Fear of failure
· Fear of childbirth
· Golfing problems
· Guilt
· Hayfever
· Headaches
· High blood pressure
· Impotence
· Insomnia
· Irritable bowel syndrome
· Lack of confidence
· Marital problems
· M.E.
· Memory impairment
· Migraine
· Nail biting
· nervous symptoms
· Neurosis
· Nightmares
· Over-eating
· Pain control
· Panic attacks
· Phobias
· Psoriasis
· Self-consciousness
· Self esteem
· Sexual problems
· Shyness
· Smoking
· Sports performance
· Stage fright
· Stammering
· Stress
· Tension
· Torticollis
· Twitching
· Ulcers
· Warts
· Weight problems

This list is far from exclusive!

Ethical and Professional

Sarah is a Registered Advanced Hypnotherapist and graduate of The Atkinson Ball College of Advanced Hypnotherapy.  She has practices both in Northumberland, UK and Andalucía, Spain.

As a member of The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy Sarah offers her clients ethical and professional hypnotherapy, to a standard which far exceeds that required for national regulation.

Further information is here about The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy.