My Story

Sarah Imeson JacksonImeson Jackson Wellness is owned by me, Sarah (Imeson) Jackson. I am a mother of two beautiful grown-up children, living in the heart of the picturesque countryside in sunny Southern Spain. I am a healthy weight for my height, curvy, reasonably fit, very content with my life and full of energy. I have a lifestyle many dream of.

However, it hasn’t always been that way.

Throughout my teens, twenties and thirties I waged an exhausting war with myself, my body and food. My waking thought was what could I eat that would make sure I stuck to the latest ‘diet’ I had signed up for. I agonised over resisting the urge to eat the chocolate I knew was in the cupboard, spent hours pacing around the kitchen hoovering up whatever food I could to distract me from the ‘chocolate in the cupboard’ and spent my evenings in an abyss of self loathing, promising to starve and exercise it all off the next day.

After years of therapy, reading self help books and attending courses I gradually worked through my issues around food. Slowly but surely I found myself thinking less about what I was going to eat, I gave up dieting and bingeing and began to enjoy being who I was. Amazingly, the more I forgave myself for being the size I was, and accepted that I could be happy whatever my weight and shape, the less of me there actually was! My size and shape changed, I regularly made choices relating to food and lifestyle that served me instead of those that hurt me.

I got happy with myself.

I set up Imeson Jackson Wellness and Weight Loss Holidays to help people who were struggling with weight issues, the way I used to be. We got good results with many participants and yet one or two just could not seem to change, no matter how much they wanted to. I began to look for something more powerful to create the deep shift needed.

I found advanced hypnotherapy and it has changed my life yet again. Taught by Greg Forde at the Atkinson-Ball College, I learned the techniques I use today to free people from all sorts of problems, not just weight issues. I’ve seen amazing transformations in my clients, in just a few sessions, sometimes on problems they have put up with for years. I’m now dedicating more of my time to hypnotherapy because I believe it is the fastest, most effective way to help people lead happier, more fulfilling lives.