Mind Power

Is good health only about what is going on in our physical bodies, or do the thoughts that we think have an impact on whether we feel well or manifest less than optimal health? We have all heard of the term psychosomatic illness, can we also create psychosomatic wellness?

Could it be that our personal realities are actually created through, and because of the thoughts we have, and is it therefore possible that we can change our existing brain circuits to enable us to create the change we want in our lives by aligning our speech, thoughts and actions?

Our response to these questions will undoubtedly be influenced by the beliefs we hold about how our bodies function. Do you believe that you are your brain or you are your consciousness? Do you believe that your brain rules your emotions or do your emotions create your brain?

Thought undoubtedly affects our physical bodies. If you do not believe this then consider what happens in your physical body when you think of a person that you find extremely annoying, or when you think a sexually arousing thought. Try it. Something definitely happens at an internal level!

As you read the words on this page multitudes of changes are occurring within your body. Your pancreas and adrenal glands are secreting new hormones, triggering a surge in the electrical current in your brain and releasing a host of neurochemicals. Your spleen and your thymus gland send messages to your immune system resulting in the flow of different gastric juices. Your liver begins to process enzymes that were not present moments earlier. Your lungs adjust the rate at which they inflate and deflate, your heart rate fluctuates and the blood flow to the capillaries in your hands changes. All this from just clicking through a website and beginning to read!

Modifying your awareness, shifting your attention, thinking a different thought, all of these activities cause changes to occur in your brain. Just for a moment stop reading and become aware of your own heartbeat. By this simple act you caused a power surge and voltage flux of electricity in millions of brain cells right inside your own head. You just changed the way your brain is working, not just for now but how it will work in the future.

As you bring your attention back to these words, electrical currents and blood flow to your brain are rerouted. Microscopic nerve cells group together to communicate creating stronger long term relationships. When you shifted your focus you stimulated the neurological tissue that makes up your brain to fire in new combinations and sequences, this resulted in you physically changing your mind.
According to neuroscience, when we place our attention on pain in the body we make pain exist because the circuits in the brain that perceive pain become electrically activated. If we then shift our awareness to something else, the brain circuits that process pain can be turned off, and the pain disappears. However, when we then look to see whether the pain is gone for good, the corresponding brain circuits switch on again, and the pain returns.

If these same brain circuits are repeatedly activated the connections between them become stronger, so by paying attention to pain, on a regular basis, we are wiring our brains to become even more acutely aware of the sensations of pain because the brain circuits involved become more enriched.

By constantly thinking about the same thing we create neurological pathways in our brains: we become what we put our constant attention upon. The experiences you have had, the things you learn and remember, the thoughts you have of the future, all have an effect upon how your nerve cells are arranged. You create yourself; define who you are, within the electrical fibres of your brain tissue.

However, nothing within this neurological highway is static, permanent or unchangeable. The matter which makes up our brain cells can be seen as a multitude of electrical fibres, constantly connecting and disconnecting, according to the thoughts and experiences we are having.

We all as individuals have the choice as to where we place our attention, so, if this direction is directly linked to the state of our being, our ability to feel well, or ill at ease, why is it so difficult to choose to place it on thoughts that serve us better? Why do we spend so much time rekindling old memories of past hurts, only to bring them to life, in full Technicolor, in our imagination?

The truth is that we are all having thoughts constantly. Many of these thoughts are subconscious thoughts, thoughts we are not consciously aware of. Whether that thought is conscious or subconscious, it has the same effect upon our brain tissue. As we ‘mindlessly’ allow these unconscious thoughts to run through our minds they repeatedly create a cascade of chemical reactions that produce not only WHAT we feel but HOW we feel.

If we habitually think the same thoughts at a subconscious level we alter our internal chemistry. Our hormonal and electrical responses are no longer ‘within normal range’. As a result of being constantly out of balance our bodies’ self regulation systems eventually recalibrate and redefine these abnormal states as normal, regular states.

Could it be then, that over time, as a result of this habitual thinking, our bodies become out of balance, or what we call dis-eased? Do we cause unease in our bodies by the thoughts we keep thinking?

Unlocking and switching off these subconscious thoughts and programmes is the key to creating a new reality for ourselves. Most of us are completely unaware of what is going on inside us at a subconscious level, let alone know how to change the programme.

Dynamic hypnotherapy can bring these subconscious programmes into conscious awareness.  Outmoded thought processes and beliefs can then be altered, creating new neural pathways within your brain, enabling you to speak, think and act in a new way, a way that serves you, neutralises dis-ease and promotes well being.

If you are tired of being out of balance, of thinking thoughts that do not bring you the reality that you desire, make the decision to do something about it. Life is too short and too beautiful to spend recreating past experiences that you no longer need. Make the decision to change your mind and act upon it, today.

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