The Search for Perfection

We live in a world that constantly requires us to be perfect, the perfect house, the perfect body, the perfect relationship……. but what exactly is perfect? What are we measuring ourselves, and the success of our lives, against?

Not long ago I was a guest on a radio show discussing the reality behind the diet and fashion industries. I was shocked to hear a fellow guest, a model, reveal that she was often made to wear a ‘fat suit’ when modelling size 14 clothes as it was perceived that a ‘real’ size 14 would not have fine enough features!   It would seem that the majority of benchmarks we use to measure our success are in fact complete fantasy.

The pictures we see in magazines are artificially created and airbrushed to within an inch of their megapixels! They do not realistically represent the typical person on the street, or the house they live in. Yet we, on some level, aspire to look like, be like, live like the images we see. No wonder so many of us feel unfulfilled and discontented with our own lives. We are trying to achieve the unachievable!

Would you be willing for a moment to accept that you are absolutely okay just as you are? That there is nothing in your life, or about you, that needs to be fixed, improved or repaired? That you are already a magnificent being just waiting for an opportunity to reveal yourself?

Just take a moment to receive that message, and accept, in the words of Panache Desai, “that we can only ever be who we are and at some point that has to be good enough”.

Stop now and take a deep breath. Really feel what is arising within you. Are you thinking that these words are ridiculous, that they don’t relate to you in the position that you are in. How can what you are, in this moment, be enough? What feelings do these words evoke? Anger, frustration, sadness, tears? Allow yourself be still and feel.

Where within your life are you are feeling pain, or struggling? Your finances, your weight, your health, or maybe in the area of your relationships? All can be eased by becoming still, feeling the emotions that come up from within and allowing them to flow through you.

Most of us choose not to do this, at the moment of feeling pain we choose to distract ourselves; we swallow our feelings, stuffing them down with food or drink, or Facebook, or work. In our world it is not socially acceptable for us to feel these deep emotions, yet none of them are wrong, they are neither correct nor incorrect, they just are.

The stress that we experience when we feel these emotions becomes stuck if we do not allow it to flow through and out of us. Once stuck it becomes distress, creating discomfort and dis-ease within the body.

Allowing us to truly feel what is present within us allows us to release the energy that causes us pain. By releasing this energy we can relax. By remaining in the moment and breathing through these emotions we can find peace in every moment, whatever our circumstances.

So, this month, whenever you feel less than perfect, realise that you are judging yourself, become focused upon your breath and breathe. Bring yourself back to the present moment and allow yourself to feel whatever emotions arise. Just allow them to flow and continue until you reach a place of peace.

There is truly nothing wrong with you, you do not need to be anything other than what you are being in this moment, by virtue of this you are indeed, perfect.

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